Ten Survival Tips to help us prepare for a disaster.

Don’t let things you could have did to prepare for a disaster to harm your family, destroy your property and threaten your liberty.
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Just implement one of these Survival Tips a week and you will be there in no time.
All individuals and families should have a disaster p

reparedness plan in case of a disaster. Never consider your the one that a disaster will not effect because you will be the one that is not prepared. It is extremely important to put a plan of action in place for anything that can occur at any given moment.
This is what my article will help you do for the most part. Survival Tips! Implement just one tip a week and soon you and your family will be the safest in your town. After all, what is the most precious thing in your life. Weather it’s a natural disaster or a man made disaster we must prepare for the worst. With disasters occurring at a rising rate we need to take action now.
1. A plan of communication. Make sure that there are a couple of friends or close family that live a good distant away that all your loved ones can contact.
2. Do you know your neighborhood and community or do you drive the same route each day and have no idea where the other roads lead. Explore, look at Google earth and find out all evacuation routes possible from your house, work and where your family hangs out.
3. Have you ever had to turn your water off or on from the meter. Or turn the electricity or gas on or off. Learn how because this one survival tip could save your home from fire or flood.
4. Each person in your family should have a emergency survival kit. Examples of items to include in it. Mre’s, blankets, dry socks, batteries, band aids ect.
5. You should also put some cash in each survival kit just to be safe.
6. When is the last time you and your family had a health aid class. CPR, First aid and maybe even pet life support.
7. In each survival kit there should be notes about where everyone will meet if something happens. Make sure to have the family also memorize this but it is very important to write it down also. Some tend to panic and forget what they were supposed to do.
8. I understand were having disasters in areas where those disasters never occurred before but find out what disasters could happen in the area you live in.
9. Always make sure you have some type of battery operated lighting in the glove box, back pack and any other place you can think of. Cell phones only stay charged for so long so don’t count on those.
10. Mock drills are great for the family, if you have very nervous family members who panic, then maybe let them know there will be mock drills and practice but spring a couple on them without them knowing its a drill. After a while they will run through the motions without even thinking about it. They will think its a drill but will still try to do well.
I could write a thousand Survival Tips for you and never get all of them for every situation for natural as well as man made disasters. Every situation is going to be different.